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MAY 2021 COVID-19 Update: I am vaccinated and will begin In-Person Training & Meetings mid-month.




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Your privacy & security are right alongside your safety as of our highest priorities. Exceptional care is taken to ensure how your personal and health information is managed & stored by core harmony, and the professional organizations we work with are evaluated and chosen to make sure their privacy policies are in alignment with ours. We never use or sell any of your personal information with any other company for any reason and your contact information is shared only as necessary to provide services for core harmony. Information and records are kept and stored in locked areas and under the guidelines & time limits required by law. Documents containing personal and health information are shredded and destroyed before disposal.

While personal testimonials of your experience and achievements are very beneficial in helping others to know first hand what to expect from classes and programs, many people come to core harmony because of the exceptionally high level of confidentiality we offer.

health information

As a private company that is not affiliated in any way with any other organization, we are one of the few lifestyle & wellness companies that can truly guarantee that your personal and health information will remain 100% confidential. In corporate settings where optional risk evaluations and testing are completed, aggregate data may be compiled to make general recommendations for wellness programs. As we do not release information to your employer or insurance company this guarantees not only your privacy, but that you alone will have the information necessary to make informed decisions about your health and that it will be never be used against you. Under certain medical conditions we are required to obtain medical clearance from your physician and wellness providers. If this is necessary, the release will be sent to you for proof and you can choose to have the release completed by your MD or we provide this service. Faxed documents return to our confidential fax line if you have given your MD approval to correspond directly with us for this or to discuss modifications necessary for your program. All information we receive on your behalf from your MD will be shared with you. All medical clearance related activities are completed to ensure your safety and are included as part of your program with no additional fees.


The foundation of all programs includes a non-denominational spiritual component that is based on the premise that a ‘higher good’ and benevolent force is always present as part of the coaching process. While your coaching program may have nothing to do with religion or spirituality in any way, this unseen force is always present to create a ‘sacred’ setting of emotional & energetic safety - and therefore a place where healing, deep & powerful insights, learning and growth can occur. Because the coaching environment offers a place for honesty at a core level, the privacy of your coaching program is protected much in the way other spiritual practices are – we do not share the content of your program or even that you are a client with anyone for any reason.


We are grateful for any referrals that are made to us, and your satisfaction with services provided is the highest compliment we can receive. If you initiate a referral, the decision if and what to disclose about the nature of our relationship is up to you. Please make us aware if you have shared details of your program with a referral so we can acknowledge appropriately. We do not discuss details of any other person’s program or private information even if there is a relationship between referrals. We do not give or receive any type of compensation for giving or receiving referrals of any type.


In some cases, a small commission is received for products & music sold or advertised on the web site.

security, SSL & payment information

Secure online payment is available through our web site or in person via PayPal. Verification of our business and the security of the web site for payments can be made via the SSL Certificate links on each page of the site. We do not take or store any credit card information - all payments are completed through our trusted and verified relationship with Paypal. Returned checks are subject to additional fees. Additional late fees are detailed in individual or corporate contracts.

Complimentary Consultation

All programs are custom designed for each Individual, Small Group or Organization. Learn more about our integrative approach & decide whether working together is the right match for your goals by setting-up a consultation today.

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       Hi Debra,

Thank you so much for allowing me the privledge to engage in a great opportunity as your intern. Reflecting on the time spent with you has been absolutely wonderful;

not only have I gained much insight into the life of a business owner, but also have received a lot of very thought provoking, positive and most importantly, relevant advice and feedback geared to me. Among many other pieces of information, I will remember the following as I progress forward:

The golden rule, importance of ethical behavior, organization, accountability, leadership, communication, task delegation, networking, daily stretching and the idea of a business model.

~ Babson College Student (Entrepreneurial Studies & Accounting)



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