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MAY 2021 COVID-19 Update: I am vaccinated and will begin In-Person Training & Meetings mid-month.




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Small Business

Your dream, your passion, your unique life's purpose and contribution during this lifetime. Moving from the often intangible visionary ideas & ideals in your mind to a clear, succinct, attainable Vision is the first step in our work together. We'll pinpoint the key areas that create the foundation of your work, and articulate the essence or feel that flows through all of these. What differentiates what you do from others, and is special only to you?


Small business coaching draws you back time and time again to review your initial vision each time you make strategic decisions. Evolution is approached wholistically. Alternating between the every day draws on your time, energy and schedule, coaching encourages taking stock of available & needed resources, pragmatic risk review and best possible potential outcomes to be considered for all new ventures. Over time it will become clear that your coaching, business and growth are guided with a benevolent and natural flow of support. Difficult choices become easier with realistic and systematic pros & cons evaluation balanced by intuition, faith & trust.


Are you just getting started, re-inventing the family business, or expanding your store from a single location to an online presence or chain? Is your business in need of a make-over to align with your personal growth and the changing economy? Next steps in your small business program include developing a structure that supports your foundation. We'll identify where you are today, where you want to be in 3-months, 1-year, and long term. Then, we'll create a simple, phased strategy to begin moving you forward with a clean eye on risk management.

entrepreneurs, consultants, healers, artists, musicians, performers

For the most part, creatives and entrepreneurs fall into a unique category. Your gift, your personality or your leadership abilities place you in a position of influencing others. There is an art, business (and sometimes spiritual) aspect to all of the above professions. The fun challenge, is to maintain your wisdom, creative presence and objectivity while being able to successfuly collaborate and earn a living on a regular basis. For many, there is also component of service to others - to inform, uplift, educate, inspire, heal, and evolve the lives of individuals and communities. Doing this with integrity takes commitment to higher good, and the ability to balance a public life with privacy and consistent self care. For the most part, you are working solo, even if you are within a company or organization. Small business coaching supports you in maintaining inner peace and staying true to your values & identity while interacting with different types of people and environments, or living under the scrutiny of the public eye.


Your business may be a direct growth from years of serious study and credentialing, or the combination of your personal gifts, talents, interests and life learning. Having the right knowledge and education to successfully manifest your ideas, and to build credibility and trust with the public is vital. Knowing how to communicate what you do in a language others will understand and subscribe to is also critically important. Small business coaching & consulting helps you step back and create a comprehensive business plan. Your plan will include education and resource building. If you are a solo entrepreneur, we'll address how your education is in alignment with the changing world market, or how building strategic alliances and team support may be necessary to get up and running or to take next steps for growth.

your team

If you have chosen to share your organization or company's vision with others, there is the additional responsibility of building and maintaining a positive team and team culture. Division of responsibilities & organizational tasks, management of brand equity & vision and team health are three very unique areas that must be balanced for any group effort to flourish. Early research, planning and policy management around legal and healthcare responsibilities as well as early implementation and understanding of local and federal tax laws will payoff tenfold over the long term. We believe your team is equally important to your vision and customer.

getting started & fees

Small business coaching & consulting programs are highly personal. Clients often work with us multiple hours per week when getting started, launching a project, or re-branding. Consulting fees are based on individual contracted rates by project. In person and virtual meetings available. Many of our small business include a wellness coaching, personal training or yoga component to their program to maintain their health while focusing on the health of their business.

Complimentary Consultation

All programs are custom designed for each Individual, Small Group or Organization. Learn more about our integrative approach & decide whether working together is the right match for your goals by setting-up a consultation today.

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"Debra Bennett of core harmony is a terrific life coach who helped me find time for everything when it didn't seem possible and always brought me coffee."

~ Saul Wisnia, Author, Miracle at Fenway

My time with Debra helps me clarify and stay focused on what I REALLY want to get done and provides the structure to follow through. The result is a more empowering and satisfying work and life!

~ M. Giudice, OT, Feldenkrais & SomaSoul®Practitioner

     Debra's supportive, enthusiastic directness as a coach fully empowered me as I was in the beginning stages of starting my own business. Her ideas and approach to the entire venture were invaluable, as she knew just what what would serve me and what I needed to let go of to get going and turn my vision into reality. Her encouragement made it possible for me to release my doubts, reject those fears, and hold fast to my original creative plan. I am truly grateful for her deep understanding. Through her I have gained a greater appreciation and respect for the power that trust and belief hold in our lives.

~ Erika S., Personal Organizer





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