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MAY 2021 COVID-19 Update: I am vaccinated and will begin In-Person Training & Meetings mid-month.




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Weight Loss Coaching

Weight loss coaching at core harmony includes an integrative and highly personalized approach to weight loss. Whether you are looking to lose weight for health reasons or aesthetic purposes, successful & safe weight loss plans consist of lifestyle changes that include one or more of the following components:

Every coaching program is unique to your goals and needs. We have worked successfully with women and men of all ages for almost 20 years. Whether looking to lose weight for your wedding, a special event, after the birth of your child, to manage your diabetes, heart disease or cholesterol, or just to look better and have more energy or confidence- your program will be custom designed based on your preferences, resources, lifestyle & budget.

integrative approach

In most coaching programs the client builds his or her own resources and is responsible for creating goals based on the resources and research they do on their own. As a Certified Personal Trainer, Wellness Coach, Emotional Eating Coach, Yoga Instructor & Pilates Instructor, I am able to advise and consult within a broad scope of practice around the areas which affect weight loss. Clients have the flexibility to build their own resources or to request specific guidance around fitness, nutrition & stress reduction as well as how to set goals around safe exercise progression and behavior change. One component which is unique to our programs is Emotional Eating Coaching. This program is not a weight loss plan on it's own, and if stress eating, binge eating, or food restriction challenges your ability to reach and maintain a healthy body weight, including this in your weight loss plan may be beneficial. A year long program, the written emotional eating lessons are optional and complimentary. Working with a coach provides a professional resource to ask for specific guidance, and can speed up the time it takes to get started on goals vs. doing research, ensures the information you are receiving will be safe & effective, and helps identify what is scientifically viable and true vs. myth and marketing within the plethora of information in the media around weight loss.

core harmony Weight Loss Programs include a combined focus on healthy eating, exercise, behavior change and counseling with a certified health professional. A portion of your program may be covered by your health insurance company. Please check with your  provider to see if your plan offers this benefit.


getting started & fees

All Coaching Programs start with a 2-Hour Design Session that includes creation of your personal vision, mapping out a realistic plan & timeframe, setting your first 12-weeks of goals and review of your health history. If you are taking medications or have any physical limitations requiring medical approval to exercise we will work with your physician's recommendations. Weekly phone sessions range from 45-60 minutes with goals emailed to you after each session. In-person sessions are available in the Boston area for coaching & integrated with training. Programs run in 3-Month Segments. This gives you time to succeed, identify and overcome the realistic challenges of every day life and continue to succeess!

* Integrated Coaching & Training Programs include goals emailed after each session & optional written workouts.


group coaching

All programs are custom, so choose to work with a friend, your spouse, or a small group of colleagues. As phone coaching and Skype coaching is so convenient, family members or friends in different geographic areas can easily make a small group work successfully at minimal additional cost. Conference Call Line fees are included with small group coaching programs. Calls may be recorded at no extra charge so group members who miss sessions can listen at their convenience.

*Group Coaching Fees are based on group size. Please call or email for rates.

Complimentary Consultation

All programs are custom designed for each Individual, Small Group or Organization. Learn more about our integrative approach & decide whether working together is the right match for your goals by setting-up a consultation today.

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Thank you for your guidance, support and encouragement through my 20 lb weight loss and transition to a more healthy lifestyle of regular exercise and balanced eating.

This is the first time I've had a professional coach help me with weight loss and this is the most success I've achieved in over 10 years. You helped me set clear goals and stay focused and accountable to those goals. You helped me meet challenges head on and develop realistic short and long term strategies to overcome those challenges.

And, you did this with enough flexibility to let me determine what was right for me each step of the way. I now know the value of a strong supportive coach in the process of making a significant lifestyle change - thank you for being my coach in this process.

~My best to you, Carol





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