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MAY 2021 COVID-19 Update: I am vaccinated and will begin In-Person Training & Meetings mid-month.




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Yoga means yoke or union, with the practice of yoga being a uniting or gathering together all of the parts of the self to bring the entire person into balance. Yoga most often begins with the physical practice - poses are designed to stretch and strengthen the body, lengthen and steady the breath, and teach balance. The physical practice of yoga increases circulation, removes wastes from the body and reduces tension, stress and anxiety. Yoga also works the mind, teaching it to stay quiet, kind & focused and steadies the emotions. As the body and mind release impurities and negativity yoga may naturally evolve to include a spiritual component - a uniting of the self with 'brahman' - the infinite & higher positive consciousness that is available to us all, whether you choose to practice a formal religion or not.

hatha yoga

There are many different types of yoga currently being practiced in the United States and world today. Each offers a slightly different focus and has it's own unique benefits. The most common yoga classes today are 'hatha' yoga classes. 'Ha' meaning 'sun' and 'tha' meaning moon in the Sanscrit language. This form of yoga balances active, energizing poses with passive, cooling, restorative poses. Hatha yoga classes offer the practice of both yoga poses (asana) and breath work (pranayama). There are many different levels of yoga, and modifications can be given for everyone to begin somewhere whatever age, fitness level or health challenges they face.

benefits of yoga

yoga at core harmony

Debra Bennettis a certified hatha yoga instructor for Level I & II. This is an Ashtanga & fitness based yoga style, meaning poses fluidly move between each other creating rythmn and flow. This type of yoga builds 'tapas' or heat in the body which increases energy, burns calories and eliminates toxins from muscles & organs. Her practice and instruction are heavily influenced by almost years of study of the Iyengar Method with Patricia Walden of Cambridge, MA and Tias Little of Santa Fe, NM. Iyengar yoga is form of yoga known for the theraputic benefits derived from precise and detailed attention to alignment and holding poses for longer periods of time. Iyengar yoga uses props such as blocks, belts, blankets, chairs to assist in achieving proper form and to make poses safe for most people. She also integrates her study of Meridian Yoga and Stretching into her practice. In this method practice of different poses will bring health, vitality and balance to the corresponding organ.

yoga coaching

Integrated programs that include a life coaching or wellness coaching component can be beneficial for yoga clients. Yoga coaching is different for each person. It could include a weekly session as well as setting goals to begin a regular practice on your own.

yoga & disease mangement

Yoga is growing as a choice for many as part of a disease treatment plan or to manage the stress of living with a life threatening illness and the side effects of many traditional therapies including yoga for cancer treatments. Confidential collaboration with your medical team to ensure that your yoga practice complements any other treatments you are under.

private yoga sessions & classes

Private yoga sessions, duet and small group training classes are available in your home or workplace. Corporate on-site yoga classes are available at your company through our corporate wellness program, core corporate. Travel to following towns is usually within the complimentary travel range: Newton, Wellesley, Weston, Dover, Dedham, Westwood, Watertown, Waltham, Belmont, Brookline, Boston, Wayland, Cambridge and Concord, MA. For rates, visit the personal training page.

Complimentary Consultation

All programs are custom designed for each Individual, Small Group or Organization. Learn more about our integrative approach & decide whether working together is the right match for your goals by setting-up a consultation today.

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Deb, This past year or so has been so stressful for me as I try to figure out my next career. But my health, mental state, blood pressure, flexibility, etc.. are as good as they can be according to me and my doctor, and I attribute much of that to your class and my practice you've taught me. So I want to thank you for helping to keep me 'under control' and healthy in this stressful time. I believe that my new consulting venture will be successful next year and we'll have an easier time doing yoga, pilates, et al together! ~DR


Hi Deb, Your stretching classes have improved my flexibility much more quickly than conventional stretching. I am now able to isolate muscle groups mor effectively and thus enhance the results I get from strength training. The stretching has virtually eliminated the aches and pains I had been attributing to aging. Stretching has enhanced my awareness of how my muscles and joints interact and is enough of a workout to keep me in shape while I am travelling so I don't have to look for a gym. The more advanced poses increase strength and the stretching relieves the stress of sitting on airplanes. ~ Betsy





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